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Notice: People under the age of 16 must obtain permission from parents or legal guardian prior to joining the GatorJax Online Social Club. This is a Paid for Subscription Service.



Public Forum Limited and the website GatorJax is proudly regulated under UK Laws both current laws and laws as yet to be finalised.
The regulators which monitors our company are:
1, ofcom: communications regulator.
2, ICO: Information commissioners office.


Emergancy Contact Mobile Phone Numbers (not active , do not use, new phone number being issued)
(No Switchboard used, Standard mobile text message and phone call charges apply as set by your mobile/phone oporator. Landline phone calls to mobile phones will cost more.)
Security Team: (+44) 0737 671 2160
Admin Team: (+44) 0757 738 6481

About GatorJax
GatorJax is where you come to make new friends, join great social communities and create your business events too. Sell and Buy through our Classifieds section, upload your Videos and Music share posts with your friends or Gator’Jax community.

Our Core Values
We work hard and smart. In our autonomous teams each group develops its efficiencies and produces a better result.

For us, the Gator’Jax site development is more than a passion. We genuinely enjoy and love what we do.

We enjoy and love thinking differently outside the box, which pushes us to grow, innovate and integrate.

We are an ambitious social network club and company that looks forward to building nothing but the best and safest social network club on the internet.

A company is only as good as its people. Luckily, we have friendly welcoming people and a code of ethics that everyone sticks to.

Most important, we keep your personal information safe because We care about your privacy.

We began by understanding the need for privacy and freedom of members, and we built our Gator’Jax club based on this understanding.

We create safe spaces for all our members
National and international and their friends. In this way we want to solve the big challenges of keeping safe our members and unlock opportunities for all members and communities.

Set up for Indeviduals, Families and Businesses.
We have a code of practice that we actually believe in and practice daily through our Terms of service and our Zero Tolerance policy on rule breaking.

Also we have Real people Security, Admin and Moderators all of whom are contactable onsite via personal message or on the sites forum. Can you imagine that... Actually being able to talk to a real person on a social network, Amazing we think.


So what do we offer.
We have a home, a social community. A place where you can not only feel safe but know you're safe and that there are people here who want to listen to you.

Also on offer is our Promise to protect our members from online harm as best we can (but only on our Gator’Jax site, sorry). 

We are not only for adults, we also allow children with (parental consent).

They are like the Terminators..
With our real person security that monitors members young and older, They have absolute zero tolerance on abuse and rule breaking.
They can not be reasoned with.. they cant be bargained with.. their decision can not be overridden or changed... they protect the members... that is what they do... that is all they do...


Cookies on GatorJax.
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