What identification will be acceptable?

There is a wide range of photographic identification which will be acceptable.

Please Note:
1, By submiting your Identification you automaticly aprove of Public Forum Limited "Security Team" to contact ID Issuer in order to validate Identification.
2, Should the ID issuing Company or Organisation not validate or confirm your submitted ID then your Membership can not be approved. In this case any subscription fees paid will be refunded.
3, Should the ID issuing company or Organisation class the submitted identification as Fake / Fraudulent then your membership will be closed and your subscription / application fee will not be refunded. Also, your submitted personal information will or may be shared with other companies or organisations in the interest of Public safety and criminal activities.

When uploading, Please make sure that:
1, All Identification is less than 10 years old
2, All text is clear and readable
3, All images are upto date, not blured and have not been photoshopped or altered in any way.
4, All Idenification is genuine.

Should any of the above 4 fail the requirements then your application may be delayed or rejected.
Also, you application / subscription fee will not be refunded.


Identification cards accepted include:

a, Various concessionary travel passes (issued by travel companies / Organisations such as TFGM)
b, PASS cards (such as Citizencard or similar)
c, Student (UK University / College ID cards from Government approved colleges / universities)
d, Ministry of Defence identity cards
e, Police, Fire Service ID / Warrant Cards.
f, NHS and Ambulance ID cards (or Other Medical Provider Id cards)
g, Uk Taxi ID registration cards (isued by UK local authority) 
h, Photocard parking permits (issued as part of the Blue Badge scheme)
i, Driver’s licenses (DVLA UK only)
j, Passports (Uk Passports only)
k, Gas Safe Register ID Cards
l, NICEIC (elecsa) / Napit / Select / ECA / BluFlame Certification ID Cards
m, UK Only, Voter Authority Certificate (Only Genuine Certificates provided by Electoral Registration Officer)

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