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  1. Hi there, we’re Public Forum Limited and welcome to our privacy policy. This policy sets out how we handle your personal information.
  2. By ‘website operator’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ in this policy, we mean ‘Public Forum Limited’.
  3. If we say ‘policy’ we’re talking about this privacy policy. If we say ‘user terms’ we’re talking about the rules for using this website.
  4. Both personal information and personal data have the same meaning in the context of this privacy policy.


Notice: People under the age of 16 must obtain permission from parents or legal guardian prior to joining the Gator Jax club.


Public Forum Limited Have clear rules regarding to privacy and your data and personal information.


1: Signup:

Upon agreeing to sign up to our website we ask for and require:


Regular Members:

Your full personal address (where you live), true and real name and a true real photo of yourself (not altered in any way) this applies to all Members.

We also ask for Identity submitted information such as Copy of your Passport, Drivers licence, Identity Card [uk CitizenCard accepted] ( these are for proof of identity). Once your identity is confirmed, you will have the green (id verified badge) on your account to show others that you are a genuine member.



Business Members:

Business names and addresses, Contact details, Owners Names, Owners Addresses and Contact details are also Required. Also required are your Business registration numbers (companies house) and Tax number (hmrc) or charity number (charities commission) and may be made public for all members to see. Or equivalent registrations of your Home nation.

We also ask for Identity submitted information such as Copy of your Passport, Drivers licence, Identity Card [uk CitizenCard accepted] ( these are for proof of identity). Once your identity is confirmed, you will have the (id confirmed badge) on your account to show others that you are a genuine member.


Regular and Business Members from outside of the UK.

Regular and Business members outside of the UK are still required to give their registration details. Again, All information must be true and accurate. In future Information plans we will ask for other personal information such as passport Numbers and or National Identification cards numbers.



Vague, Evasive, Misleading or Deceptive information is not permitted. This information WILL NOT be made public to any member. Only PFL Staff and Police Forces both UK and International ( *for the purpose of Law Enforcement ) can see your details on your account. We ask for these details as part of our security records to help us better protect you and other members and National and International law enforcement. Therefore, we require that all questions are answered truthfully and without any vague or evasive answers. Any false, vague, evasive, misleading or deceptive information will result in your membership being closed and deleted with immediate effect and membership fee will not be refunded. Members living outside of the UK must also provide this information.


(* This personal and business information will be given / obtained by police forces without the need for any members permission being given or asked for and any legal Court order being required. This is in line with PFL's commitment to law enforcement and security both national and international )


PFL's Security team operate a zero tolerance policy.



2: We do not sell, trade or give away members information or data placed on this site by the member to any person, company, group.

3: All members have the right to be kept safe from people gathering information. With the privacy controls on their members page and if necessary Public Forum limited can and without permission set privacy controls on members accounts as and when Public Forum Limited believes necessary or requested to do so for security and safety.

4: For the purpose of Law Enforcement and National and International Security:
Public Forum Limited will only share members Information and Data with Legal government agencies / Police Forces both National and International without the need for court orders / warrants being issued or your (the members') permission being asked.

These Agencies include but limited to: NCA national crime agency of the UK, UK Police forces, Foreign International Police Forces such as the AFP Australia (Australian Federal Police) amongst others and national security agencies working solely for their respective nation or in partnership with or having requested assistance from the UK NCA and UK Police forces. HMRC her majesty's revenue and customs.


5: Retention (keeping and storing) of personal information and data of members.
a: When a member chooses to close the account and end their membership, all personal information and data belonging to that account will be deleted in its entirety.

b: If for any reason the members account was closed due to breaking the rules, then all personal information and data from the account may be stored in its entirety for up to ten years.

2, All personal information and data can and will be passed to legal bodies such as the police and any other legal body as and when requested for investigative and legal purposes, without the need for a legal court warrant being required. This information may be used in a court of law.(see section 3)

3, All personal information can and may be passed on to other social networks, clubs, or other services for the purpose of identifying members who engage in acts as detailed in these terms and conditions and links and liability. The sharing of this information is to be used for the prevention of similar acts being carried out on other Social networks, groups, services for the protection of others.


Public Forum Limited want you to have a great time on our social network, so if you have any questions or concerns then please let us know.


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